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 Moxie Floor Sealer - MFS II

Moxie 1500 Concrete Sealer Moxie Floor Sealer (MFS II) is a ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating, permanent concrete sealer formulated specifically for the prevention of water and vapor migration and alkali/efflorescence attack under floor materials and other impermeable surface treatments. MFS II protects and preserves concrete and is suitable for all above and below grade concrete. Application by approved applicators or contractors only.



Moxie Floor Sealer II (MFSII) is a ready-to-use, water based, non-toxic liquid composed of inorganic, chemically reactive, complex catalyzed silicate compounds and active enzymes which allows penetration of concrete up to SEVEN inches.

MFS II is a permanent concrete sealer specifically formulated for the prevention of water vapor migration and alkali attack under FLOOR materials and other impermeable surface treatments or coatings.

MFSII undergoes a chemical reaction with the by products of the concrete curing process to form the highest density of cementitious materials, dramatically enhancing all of the natural characteristics of concrete and reducing the capillary voids to near zero.


  • Prevents moisture and vapor pressures up to 26lbs/1,000sf/24hrs
  • Penetrates concrete up to 7 inches
  • Suitable for above and below grade application
  • Prevents efflorescence and alkali attack
  • Hydrostatic pressure to 100 psi (231 ft. below grade)
  • Prevents chloride intrusion
  • Resists freeze thaw (exceeds 360 cycles) to 2.8% loss by weight
  • Increases insulation R factor
  • Prevents corrosion and deterioration - Click here for photos
  • Prevents mildew and fungi
  • Prepares concrete for paints, coatings, and adhesives
  • Prevents dusting


PROBLEM FLOORS?  Is your floor coming up? Has your flooring adhesive become unstable or worse? Moxie Floor Sealer (MFS II) is a ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating, permanent concrete sealer specifically formulated for the prevention of water vapor migration and alkali attack under floor materials and other impermeable surface treatments or coatings.


Proper preparation ensures that Moxie MFII Sealer will penetrate the concrete:

Flor Preparation   Floor Spraying   Floor Treatment

Moxie Flooring Sealant II, when applied properly, will penetrate deep into the capillaries of your concrete slab, and  fill these conduits of problem moisture with cementitious  material thereby "plugging up" all avenues for moisture migration. Moxie Flooring Sealant II is recommended by top manufactures of resilient, tile and wood flooring products.


  • Water and vapor migration up to 26 lb/1,000sf/24hrs
  • Alkali and efflorescence attackof adhesives
  • Deterioration due to penetration of contaminants



  • Salts, oil, gas, acids, solvents and bacteria
  • Flaking, scaling and spalling due to freeze-thaw



  • Transmission of hazardous gases
  • Internal chlorides by 50%, to as much as 90%



  • Rust and water-borne contaminant stains
  • Lichen, moss and fungus growth on the surface



  • Overall quality of the concrete slab
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flexural and tensile strength
  • Bond strength



  • Surface hardness and density


BUT MFS II WON’T, alter, stain, discolor or change the texture of the surface in any way.

PLUS . . . MFS II produces the benefits of a vapor barrier, alkali, efflorescence and corrosion inhibitor, curing agent and dust proofing compound all combined in an environmentally safe and easy to apply, permanent concrete sealer.

MFS II provides the perfect surface dry condition, eliminating the need for additional primers, or intermediate coats and prepares the concrete for the application of paint, surface coatings, treatments and FLOOR materials.

MFSII is the most economical, cost effective and simplest solution, for practically every concrete slab to receive FLOOR or related materials and replaces a vapor barrier, all in one easy to apply sealer.

Field tested and field proven, Moxie Floor Sealer II (MFS II) works, and we guarantee it for 12 years!


Applicable Standards:

Moxie Floor Sealer II (MFSII) meets or exceeds the following performance specifications:

  • ASTM C 156
  • ASTM C 666
  • USDA approved
  • EPA approved
  • VOC=0


Surface Coverage:

Two coat coverage will yield approximately 125 sq. ft. per gallon, two coats. Second coat will use about half the amount of the first . Three coats, or more, may be required on very porous concrete. High moisture vapor emissions (16lbs/1000sf/24hrs to 26lbs/1000sf/24hrs) will require many more applications resulting in longer chemical reaction and drying times.



  • MFSII is formulated solely for concrete and should not be used on asphalt, metal, or wood products.
  • MFSII should not be applied below 60 degrees F
  • MFSII will seal against a hydrostatic pressure; however, any source of water must be diverted or stopped before application.
  • Notes:  very damp or cold conditions may extend drying times.Higher temperatures will shorten drying times.


Preparatory Work:

Some steel troweled surfaces which have aged longer than 28 days may need to be shot blasted first, contact manufacturer. Any coatings, free or loose dirt, grease, oil, efflorescence or foreign matter must be physically removed first.


Surface Preparation:

  • Mist concrete surface lightly with water prior to application.
  • Acid washed surface must be COMPLETELY REMOVED AND NEUTRALIZED prior to application.
  • Allow concrete to cure 28 days before application.
  • Surface will still be porous enough to insure proper absorption.


Application Method - apply a minimum of two coats as follows:

  • Apply first coat by saturating the surface.
  • Broom out any puddling.
  • When this is nearly dry, apply second coat.
  • Allow this to dry but not over 3 hours, then “mist” with water.
  • After 24 hours, thoroughly saturate the surface.
  • High porosity, suspended lightweight structural, or below-grade applications may require three or more coats.
  • Each subsequent application may be applied until not more product is absorbed and is drying evenly.



  • Do not allow to freeze.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Due to pH level, do not allow this product to come in contact with plant life or leather.
  • Do not allow product to come in contact with glass, porcelain or ceramic tile, aluminum, zinc or galvanized steel - remove with a damp cloth immediately. Product will permanently etch or erode the smooth surface.
  • Alkali salts (efflorescence) will react with the carbon dioxide within 24 hrs. - 48 hrs. and become permanent calcium carbonates unless flooding is performed every 24 hrs. until no more efflorescence is present. If not, these salts will require physical removal such as wire brushing or sandblasting.
  • Must be rinsed with water or removed with damp cloth immediately.



Technical and product services support is available by phone (916.652.1300), 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.


Limited Warranty:

Moxie International Inc., will warranty Moxie Floor Sealer (MFS II) for a period of 12 YEARS, to perform as stated in current published documentation, brochures, and company literature.


 Our Commitment:

No matter how big or small your project, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the exceptional performance of our products.